Colorado Parks and Wildlife''s State Parks Raptor Monitoring Volunteer Program gives volunteers a meaningful opportunity to participate in raptor stewardship and research through citizen science. Volunteer raptor monitors contribute to conservation in state parks by observing and recording breeding behaviors and habitat use of Colorado''s raptor species including bald eagles, golden eagles, peregrine falcons, and ferruginous hawks. This invaluable breeding and habitat data gives CPW a deeper understanding of ecosystem health and informs responsible land management. The State Park Raptor Monitoring Volunteer Program exists in the following State Parks: -Arkansas Headwater -Barr Lake -Boyd Lake -Castlewood Canyon -Chatfield -Cherry Creek -Cheyenne Mountain -Eldorado Canyon -Eleven Mile -Golden Gate Canyon -Jackson Lake -James M Robb / Colorado River -John Martin Reservoir -Lake Pueblo -Lathrop -Lory -Mueller -Navajo -North Sterling -Pearl Lake -Roxborough -St Vrain -Spinney -Staunton -Steamboat Lake -Trinidad We would be enthusiastic about starting a program at any state park that does not have an existing program.
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