Mosquito Stoppers is a citizen science project that seeks to address the Asian Tiger Mosquito problem in Baltimore, Maryland. Through this project, citizen scientists will collect data around their yards, homes, and blocks about mosquitoes throughout the summer months (May, June, July, and August). These data will be used by scientists and community members to help create a picture of the extent of the mosquito problem, the extent to which community members feel affected by this problem, and the ecological dynamics of these invasive mosquitoes in Baltimore. Ultimately we hope that these data can help community members advocate at a municipality and city wide governmental level to address this problem. Citizen scientists work with Block Leaders who are community members from their block who can help them with their data collection and directly with scientists at trainings and outreach events. This project is associated with the Baltimore Ecosystem Studies project. The Baltimore Ecosystems Studies Project is a long term study of the ecological dynamics of the Baltimore area
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