Quantum Moves is the first gamified citizen science project of ScienceAtHome. The game was born out of the dilemmas and questions physics researchers confronted with when they took the challenge of building a quantum computer in the basement lab of Aarhus University. Confident that human brain is able to do better than even the most advanced computational machines available in the world, Jacob Sherson and his team decided to create the "Quantum Moves" game and invite everyone to play and get the chance to do front-line quantum physics research. The idea of the game is quite simple: every time you play, your mouse movements are simulating the laser beams used in the real quantum lab to move the atoms onto the right pathways. This fun and addictive game let you make an impact without any previous knowledge of the wonderful world of atoms. We train you through introductory games and use your ingenuity—not textbook knowledge—in the Quantum Moves challenges. Precision and accuracy are key elements for obtaining high-quality data that can be then transferred into actual laser movements in the lab. Therefore, some of the Quantum Moves game missions are quite challenging; they have to be completed close to perfection in a very limited time. Don't be discouraged—we know you can do it!
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