Volunteer Dive Program at Grays' Reef National Marine Sanctuary: Gray's Reef Team Ocean Divers will be able to participate in several exciting activities at the sanctuary, including: Marine Debris Monitoring and Removal - Team Ocean Divers will assist sanctuary staff in conducting field surveys to track the location and accumulation of marine debris across the sanctuary as well as support removal efforts to extract the debris from the Sanctuary. Reef Fish Monitoring - Team Ocean Divers will be trained to identify fish species at the Sanctuary and to conduct fish surveys based on the Reef Environmental Education Foundation roving diver protocols. With these new skills divers will conduct fish surveys across the sanctuary from Sanctuary dive platforms to build upon the existing long-term fish monitoring program at the Sanctuary. Habitat Assessments - Team Ocean Divers will support Sanctuary staff in habitat mapping and assessment programs designed to characterize in detail the type and distribution of habitats across the Sanctuary. These data will contribute to the current habitat classification maps used by the Sanctuary.
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